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Are you passionate about improving your time management and productivity skills? Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals to discuss and implement the strategies outlined in “Doing What Matters: The Power of Purposeful Productivity” by Mario Schäfer? We’ve created vibrant and engaging discussion groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn dedicated to helping you excel in these areas.


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  • Exclusive Access: Our groups are closed, ensuring a safe and private space for productive discussions. You’ll be part of a community that shares your commitment to growth.
  • In-Depth Discussions: Dive deep into the concepts from “Doing What Matters.” Share your insights, ask questions, and gain a profound understanding of the book’s principles.
  • Practical Tips: Get actionable advice and proven techniques from group members who have successfully applied the book’s teachings in their lives and work.
  • Supportive Network: Connect with people who share your passion for productivity and time management. Collaborate, learn, and grow together.

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