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Los libros sobre el mundo de los negocios más influyentes


Todos los días construimos el conocimiento propio; pero la lectura es la única manera de generar nuevas ideas que trascienden nuestra manera de pensar. Un enfoque distinto que, además de servirnos para el día a día, puede ayudarnos a tomar esa ‘decisión inteligente’ que nos lleve al éxito. No es de extrañar que la [...]

Los libros sobre el mundo de los negocios más influyentes2021-10-26T16:12:53+02:00

Die besten Business-Bücher aller Zeiten


Dies ist eine Liste mit den besten Wirtschaftsbüchern aller Zeiten. Diese Bücher wurden von Millionen Menschen gelesen und haben ihnen geholfen, tausende  Unternehmen zu gründen und zu vergrößern. Ganz gleich, ob Sie Bücher über die Gründung eines Unternehmens benötigen oder ob Sie nach Strategie- oder Marketingbüchern suchen, diese Liste ist genau das Richtige für [...]

Die besten Business-Bücher aller Zeiten2021-10-25T21:44:33+02:00

15 Best Sellers in International Business


International Business has grown in importance due to a number of factors, particularly globalization. Many companies have gone beyond their national borders to have operations even in remote corners of the world. International business has become easier since the advent of the internet and emergence of e-business. In order to do business internationally, a [...]

15 Best Sellers in International Business2021-10-14T12:04:18+02:00

15 Career Books Every Job Seeker Shall Read


15 Career Books Every Job Seeker Shall Read Traditionally, there is little insight in the process of job searching and recruitment. In job hunting, there are many steps to consider: from networking and finding open positions to applying and interviewing. The more you are prepared, the better it will go for you. These 15 [...]

15 Career Books Every Job Seeker Shall Read2021-10-06T10:15:34+02:00

How to push the performance of your business development: Guide of best practices


Pharmacircuit is a boutique knowledge sharing and networking platform for senior executives with the background of Business Development, Portfolio Management, Human Resources and General Management in the pharmaceutical industry. 1IB is frequently sponsoring Pharmacircuit events. Inscribe to the next event for free. LEARN MORE Inscribe to our newsletter with [...]

How to push the performance of your business development: Guide of best practices2021-01-06T17:33:44+01:00

Generic & Branded Drug Market Entry


"Make better decisions: Finding and evaluating generic and branded drug market entry opportunities" Get the full book (161 pages) for FREE . - . Inscription below . Introduction  Innovative and Follower Drugs ... Small-Molecule and Biologic Drugs ... Branded and Follower Drug Approval Patents and Other Forms of Intellectual Property Protection ... Patents ... [...]

Generic & Branded Drug Market Entry2020-12-21T15:19:27+01:00

Evolving Generic Pharma Sector


The aggregate value of the INN generic companies in the Pharma 1000 list is $207 billion on $73 billion in total revenue which is 2.8 times the revenue. Aggregate value of branded generic companies is $255 billion in $85.9 billion in revenue i.e. 3 times the revenue. The INN generics sector is led by [...]

Evolving Generic Pharma Sector2020-11-25T16:33:21+01:00

Evolving Branded Pharmaceutical Sector


Branded pharma sector includes companies whose drugs are patented and in the commercial stage. These companies comprise 69% (valuation of $3.6 trillion) of the value of the entire pharma industry  and generated over $700 billion in revenue in 2019. The most valuable companies in cardiometabolic care are Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. Biogen, UCB [...]

Evolving Branded Pharmaceutical Sector2020-11-25T16:36:28+01:00

Rapid growth of the Biotech sector


The value of the most widely used biotech index is up 19 times since 1993. The value of biotechs working with nucleic acids like RNAi, ASO, mRNA has gone up 365% in the last five years. The value of biotechs working with biologics has gone up much faster (around 264%) than the value of [...]

Rapid growth of the Biotech sector2020-11-25T16:39:18+01:00

The Evolving Pharma Sector


As of September 2020, there are approximately 1800 pharma companies. The total value of global pharma sector has tripled in the last 17 years from $1.99 in 2003 to $6.65 trillion in 2020. The industry value CAGR since 2003 has been 7.4%. Evolution of the pharma sector suggests Big Pharma sector grew slowly between [...]

The Evolving Pharma Sector2020-11-25T13:59:00+01:00
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