Work with us

We are constantly looking to add expertise to our international projects in the pharmaceutical, medtech and food sectors.

Cooperation Possibilities

We offer a large network of reliable senior experts for managing projects in International Business Development in the pharmaceutical, medtech and food sector for human and animal use. If you are interested to join us in a transparent way and work project-based with a high degree of flexibility, we will be very happy to hear from you.

In a connected world, we are always happy to listen to potential work assignments. If you have a project from your network in mind, let’s discuss how we could cooperate.

In our International Business Development projects, we frequently face the need of specialized services. If you are interested to receive requests in a sporadic way, please leave your contact data. We will reach out, once we request for a service.

Recognition of our work

  • Awards
    • Top 100 Healthcare Leaders ( Awarded to Mario Schäfer,  CEO at 1IB International Business GmbH,  International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare,  IFAH, Dubai 2019 )