As of September 2020, there are approximately 1800 pharma companies. The total value of global pharma sector has tripled in the last 17 years from $1.99 in 2003 to $6.65 trillion in 2020. The industry value CAGR since 2003 has been 7.4%.

Evolution of the pharma sector suggests Big Pharma sector grew slowly between 2015 to 2020, losing 5% in value share. In contrast, animal health and biotech sectors grew substantially in the same period.

In terms of specific drug modality, Biologics companies grew as a group by $1.1 trillion in just 5 years. Other big growth areas were vaccines, nucleic acids, peptides, cell therapy and gene therapy.

Considering country level evolution of Pharma industry, most countries have seen a rise, but none has seen an increase more than China which added over $500 billion in value over the last five years. In U.S. there has been an increase if 22% in the last five years.

The bar to be in the Pharma 1000 list has moved up gradually over time though. A company would need to have had a valuation of at least $336 million to be in the top 1000.

See the full list of Top 1000 Pharmaceutical Companies below.

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List of Top 1000 Pharmaceutical Companies by Value





Value Estimate


Rank Location(Sep 2020)(Trailing)
1RocheBasel, Switzerland$328 bn$49 bn
2Janssen (J&J)Raritan, NJ, US$279 bn$42 bn
3PfizerNew York Area, US$257 bn$49 bn
4AbbVieChicago Area$242 bn$36 bn
5MerckNew York Area, US$233 bn$47 bn
6NovartisBasel, Switzerland$210 bn$49 bn
7AmgenThousand Oaks, CA, US$164 bn$24 bn
8AstraZenecaBoston Area, US$162 bn$25 bn
9Bristol-Myers SquibbNew York Area, US$158 bn$34 bn
10Novo NordiskCopenhagen, Denmark$155 bn$19 bn
11Eli LillyIndiana, US$151 bn$22 bn
12Boehringer IngelheimIngelheim, Germany$148 bn$22 bn
13GlaxoSmithKlineLondon, United Kingdom$136 bn$43 bn
14BayerLeverkusen, Germany$133 bn$20 bn
15SanofiParis, France$120 bn$42 bn
16TakedaTokyo Japan$104 bn$30 bn
17CSLParkville, Australia$100 bn$9 bn
18GileadBay Area, US$87 bn$22 bn
19ZoetisNew York Area, US$82 bn$6.3 bn
20ChugaiTokyo, Japan$72 bn$6.8 bn
21Hengrui MedicineJiangsu Province, China$69 bn$3.4 bn
22Vertex PharmaBoston Area, US$65 bn$5.4 bn
23RegeneronNew York Area, US$58 bn$8.6 bn
24Daiichi SankyoTokyo, Japan$54 bn$8.9 bn
25Merck KGaA PharmaBerlin, Germany$50 bn$7.5 bn
26BiogenBoston Area, US$48 bn$14 bn
27Yangtze River PharmaJiangsu Province, China$44 bn$12 bn
28ServierParis, France$36 bn$5.4 bn
29TevaIsrael$35 bn$16 bn
30CelltrionSouth Korea$33 bn$1.2 bn
31CSPC PharmaHebei Province, China$33 bn$5 bn
32Zhifei BioSichuan Province, China$31 bn$1.7 bn
33Seattle GeneticsSeattle, US$30 bn$1 bn
34MenariniFlorence, Italy$30 bn$4.4 bn
35Bausch HealthNew York Area, US$29 bn$8.1 bn
36Royalty PharmaNew York Area, US$29 bn$1.9 bn
37Hansoh PharmaLianyungang, China$26 bn$1.1 bn
38AstellasTokyo, Japan$26 bn$11 bn
39GrifolsBarcelona, Spain$26 bn$6 bn
40AlexionNew York Area, US$25 bn$5.5 bn
41EisaiTokyo, Japan$24 bn$6.5 bn
42ModernaBoston Area, US$24 bn$105 mn
43Qilu PharmaShandong Province, China$24 bn$3.6 bn
44UCBBrussels, Belgium$24 bn$5.8 bn
45Sino BiopharmaHong Kong$23 bn$3.4 bn
46Changchun TechJilin Province, China$23 bn$1.1 bn
47GenmabCopenhagen, Denmark$22 bn$1.5 bn
48OtsukaTokyo, Japan$22 bn$13 bn
49Pientzehuang PharmaFujian Province, China$22 bn$859 mn
50Kelun GroupSichuan Province, China$22 bn$6 bn
51GaldermaLa Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland$20 bn$3 bn
52BeiGeneBeijing, China$20 bn$224 mn
53MylanPittsburgh Area, US$20 bn$11 bn
54JemincareJianxi Province, China$19.3 bn$5.3 bn
55Pierre FabreParis, France$18.7 bn$2.8 bn
56ImmunomedicsNew York Area, US$18.6 bn$20 mn
57IncytePhiladelphia Area, US$18.5 bn$2.3 bn
58Horizon TherapeuticsChicago Area$17.9 bn$1.5 bn
59Yunnan BaiyaoYunnan Province, China$17.6 bn$4.4 bn
60Kangtai BioGuangdong Province, China$17.3 bn$283 mn
61OctapharmaLachen, Switzerland$17.1 bn$2.5 bn
62Fosun PharmaShanghai, China$16.7 bn$4 bn
63FerringGeneva, Switzerland$16.7 bn$2.5 bn
64Sun PharmaMumbai, India$16.4 bn$4.2 bn
65Abbott EPDChicago Area$16.1 bn$4.4 bn
66ChiesiParma, Italy$15.5 bn$2.3 bn
67BioNTechMainz, Germany$15.4 bn$141 mn
68OnoOsaka, Japan$14.7 bn$2.7 bn
69BioMarinBay Area, US$13.8 bn$1.8 bn
70AlnylamBoston Area, US$13.5 bn$345 mn
71ElancoIndiana, US$13.4 bn$2.8 bn
72ShionogiOsaka, Japan$13.3 bn$3 bn
73MundipharmaNew York Area, US$13.2 bn$2 bn
74Hualan BioHenan Province, China$13.1 bn$521 mn
75NC Pharma / EMSHortolandia, Brazil$12.8 bn$1.9 bn
76Fresenius Kabi SegmentHessen, Germany$12.5 bn$3.4 bn
77WalvaxYunnan Province, China$12.5 bn$169 mn
78SamumedSan Diego, CA$12.4 bnNA
79Kyowa KirinTokyo, Japan$12.2 bn$2.8 bn
80RecordatiMilan, Italy$12.2 bn$1.6 bn
81Shanghai Pharma – MfgShanghai, China$12.1 bn$3.3 bn
82Tianjin PharmaTianjin, China$12 bn$3.3 bn
83R-PharmMoscow, Russia$11.9 bn$1.8 bn
84Grupo InsudMadrid, Spain$11.7 bn$1.7 bn
85AdimabLebanon, NH, US$11.4 bnNA
86LEO PharmaCopenhagen, Denmark$11.4 bn$1.7 bn
87SK BiopharmaSeoul, Korea$11 bn$5.2 mn
88GrunenthalAachen, Germany$10.9 bn$1.6 bn
89RoemmersArgentina$10.8 bn$3 bn
90Innovent BiologicsJiangsu Province, China$10.5 bn$238 mn
91Vifor PharmaSt. Gallen, Switzerland$10.2 bn$2 bn
92BraccoMilan, Italy$10.1 bn$1.5 bn
93Dr. Reddy’sHyderabad, India$10.1 bn$2.3 bn
94Junshi BiosciencesJiangsu Province, China$10 bn$147 mn
95IbsenParis, France$10 bn$3 bn
96Roivant SciencesNew York Area, US$10 bnNA
97Sarepta TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$9.9 bn$450 mn
98Harbin PharmaHeilongjiang Province, China$9.7 bn$2.7 bn
99CureVacTubingen, Germany$9.6 bn$19 mn
100Ceva Sante AnimaleDusseldorf, Germany$9.3 bn$1.4 bn
101Neurocrine BiosciencesSan Diego, US$9.3 bn$1 bn
102Gan & Lee PharmaBeijing, China$9.3 bn$445 mn
103argenxNetherlands$8.8 bn$70 mn
104Humanwell HealthcareHubei Province, China$8.8 bn$2.9 bn
105SobiSweden$8.7 bn$1.6 bn
106CR Pharma Rx SegmentHong Kong$8.6 bn$4.3 bn
107Hetero DrugsHyderabad, India$8.6 bn$2.3 bn
108MerzHessen, Germany$8.5 bn$1.2 bn
109HikmaLondon, United Kingdom$8.4 bn$2.2 bn
110Kangmei PharmaGuangdong Province, China$8.4 bn$825 mn
111Jazz PharmaBay Area, US$8.4 bn$2.2 bn
112Huahai PharmaZhejiang Province, China$8.4 bn$855 mn
113CiplaMumbai, India$8.3 bn$2.3 bn
114Serum Institute of IndiaPune, India$8.3 bn$819 mn
115Baxter PharmaChicago Area$8.2 bn$2.2 bn
116Shanghai RAASShanghai, China$8.2 bn$367 mn
117CanSino BiologicsTianjin, China$8.2 bn$2.2 mn
118AlfasigmaFlorence, Italy$8.2 bn$1.2 bn
119Mitsubishi TanabeOsaka, Japan$8 bn$3.8 bn
120LundbeckCopenhagen, Denmark$7.8 bn$2.6 bn
121Tiantan BiologicalBeijing, China$7.5 bn$463 mn
122Endo InternationalNew York Area, US$7.3 bn$3 bn
123BioconBangalore, India$7.3 bn$871 mn
124Torrent PharmaAhmedabad, India$7.3 bn$1 bn
125ApotexToronto Area, Canada$7.3 bn$2 bn
126STADABad Vilbel, Germany$7.2 bn$3.1 bn
127Ascendis PharmaCopenhagen, Denmark$7.1 bn$9.4 mn
128SantenOsaka, Japan$7.1 bn$2.2 bn
129AngeliniRome, Italy$7 bn$1 bn
130SchwabeStutensee, Germany$7 bn$1 bn
131AurobindoHyderabad, India$6.9 bn$3.1 bn
132Betta PharmZhejiang Province, China$6.8 bn$246 mn
133Intas PharmaAhmedabad, India$6.6 bn$1.8 bn
134ExelixisBay Area, US$6.6 bn$998 mn
135Ache LaboratoriosGuarulhos, Brazil$6.6 bn$1 bn
136UnilabPhilippines$6.6 bn$1 bn
137Dainippon SumitomoOsaka, Japan$6.6 bn$4.6 bn
138OrionFinland$6.5 bn$1.2 bn
139LupinMumbai, India$6.4 bn$1.9 bn
140Huadong MedicineZhejiang Province, China$6.4 bn$4.7 bn
141Mirati TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$6.4 bn$1.7 mn
142Zydus CadilaAhmedabad, India$6.3 bn$1.9 bn
143KedrionFlorence, Italy$6.3 bn$953 mn
144King-Friend BioJiangsu Province, China$6.2 bn$380 mn
145Shin PoongSouth Korea$6.2 bn$164 mn
146lonisSan Diego, US$6.1 bn$940 mn
147Emergent BioSolutionsGaithersburg, MD, US$6 bn$1.2 bn
148Green Valley PharmaShanghai, China$5.9 bn$900 mn
149Guangzhou PharmaGuangdong Province, China$5.9 bn$8.7 bn
150MyoKardiaBay Area, US$5.9 bnNA
151MomentaBoston Area, US$5.8 bn$30 mn
152Kanghong PharmaSichuan Province, China$5.8 bn$443 mn
153AcceleronBoston Area, US$5.7 bn$87 mn
154NovavaxGaithersburg, MD, US$5.7 bn$50 mn
155Aspen PharmacareSouth Africa$5.7 bn$2.2 bn
156ItalfarmacoMilan, Italy$5.7 bn$856 mn
157ZambonMilan, Italy$5.6 bn$853 mn
158MaruhoOsaka, Japan$5.6 bn$847 mn
159ACADIA PharmaSan Diego, US$5.5 bn$393 mn
160Zai LabShanghai China$5.5 bn$28 mn
161Youcare PharmaBeijing, China$5.4 bn$1.5 bn
162Salubris PharmaGuangdong Province, China$5.4 bn$516 mn
163Nippon ShinyakuTokyo, Japan$5.2 bn$1.1 bn
164Grupo FerrerBarcelona, Spain$5.2 bn$790 mn
165Yifan PharmaZhejiang Province, China$5.1 bn$775 mn
166CRISPR TherapeuticsZug, Switzerland$5.1 bn$289 mn
167PeptiDreamKawasaki, Japan$5.1 bn$0 mn
168LivzonGuangdong Province, China$5 bn$1.3 bn
169ALTEOGENSouth Korea$5 bn$36 mn
170Tasly PharmaTianjin, China$5 bn$2.5 bn
171AlkemMumbai, India$4.8 bn$1.1 bn
172KalbeNorth Sumatra, Indonesia$4.8 bn$1.5 bn
173Dechra PharmaNorthern UK$4.7 bn$637 mn
174MallinckrodtLondon, United Kingdom$4.5 bn$2.3 bn
175Chi-MedHong Kong$4.5 bn$209 mn
176Laboratoires TheaClermont-Ferrand, France$4.5 bn$678 mn
177lovanceBay Area, US$4.5 bnNA
178Samsung BioepisSouth Korea$4.4 bn$850 mn
179Wolwo PharmaZhejiang Province, China$4.4 bn$88 mn
180Dongbao PharmaJilin Province, China$4.4 bn$398 mn
181Buchang PharmaShandong Province, China$4.4 bn$2.1 bn
182Mega PharmaUruguay$4.3 bn$1.2 bn
183Kanghua BiologicalSichuan Province, China$4.3 bn$104 mn
184Yiling PharmaHebei Province, China$4.3 bn$1 bn
185NCPCHebei Province, China$4.3 bn$1.5 bn
186Abdi IbrahimTurkey$4.2 bn$639 mn
187Jinyu Bio-TechMongolia$4.2 bn$175 mn
188CHEPLAPHARMPomerania, Germany$4.2 bn$1.1 bn
189UltragenyxBay Area, US$4.2 bn$159 mn
190AllogeneBay Area, US$4.1 bnNA
191Meiji Pharma BusinessTokyo, Japan$4.1 bn$1.9 bn
192OrifarmCopenhagen, Denmark$4 bn$1.1 bn
193PharmstandardDolgoprudny, Russia$4 bn$1.1 bn
194Grupo BagoArgentina$4 bn$1.1 bn
195Apeloa PharmaZhejiang Province, China$4 bn$1 bn
196PolpharmaPoland$3.9 bn$1 bn
197IdorsiaBasel, Switzerland$3.9 bn$72 mn
198Oneness BiotechTaiwan$3.9 bn$1.4 mn
199Hisun PharmaZhejiang Province, China$3.8 bn$1.5 bn
200HalozymeSan Diego, US$3.8 bn$180 mn
201IBSALugano, Switzerland$3.8 bn$572 mn
202Celltrion PharmSouth Korea$3.7 bn$152 mn
203neuraxpharmLangenfeld, Germany$3.7 bn$566 mn
204HyperaSao Paolo, Brazil$3.7 bn$694 mn
205IpcaMumbai, India$3.7 bn$617 mn
206EsteveBarcelona, Spain$3.7 bn$556 mn
207BiohavenNew York Area, US$3.7 bn$10 mn
208HaiscoSichuan Province, China$3.7 bn$498 mn
209Gedeon RichterHungary$3.6 bn$1.7 bn
210Relay TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$3.6 bn$0 mn
211Legend BiotechJiangsu Province, China$3.6 bn$61 mn
212Hanmi PharmSouth Korea$3.6 bn$917 mn
213Barakat PharmaceuticalIran$3.6 bn$1 bn
214Blueprint MedicinesBoston Area, US$3.6 bn$75 mn
215AllakosBay Area, US$3.6 bnNA
216ALKCopenhagen, Denmark$3.6 bn$505 mn
217LG Life SciencesSouth Korea$3.6 bn$540 mn
218JCRAshiya, Japan$3.5 bn$230 mn
219EurofarmaSao Paolo, Brazil$3.5 bn$982 mn
220GenexineSouth Korea$3.5 bn$4.1 mn
221ROHTOOsaka, Japan$3.5 bn$1.7 bn
222BesinsMonaco$3.5 bn$531 mn
223Amicus TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$3.5 bn$226 mn
224Perrigo Rx BusinessAllegan, MI, US$3.5 bn$968 mn
225Denali TherapeuticsBay Area, US$3.5 bn$27 mn
226Kyoritsu SeiyakuTokyo, Japan$3.5 bn$524 mn
227ZentivaCzech Republic$3.4 bn$957 mn
228GenusLondon, United Kingdom$3.4 bn$682 mn
229AmnealNew York Area, US$3.4 bn$1.7 bn
230China Grand PharmaHong Kong$3.4 bn$807 mn
231FibroGenBay Area, US$3.4 bn$108 mn
232Vir BiotechnologyBay Area, US$3.4 bn$75 mn
233DermapharmMunich Area, Germany$3.4 bn$855 mn
234SchrodingerBangalore, India$3.4 bn$95 mn
235DompeMilan, Italy$3.3 bn$507 mn
236Luoxin PharmaShandong Province, China$3.3 bn$897 mn
237MorphoSysMunich Area, Germany$3.3 bn$329 mn
238Shafadarou InvestmentIran$3.3 bn$906 mn
239NorgineNetherlands$3.3 bn$494 mn
240AnkeBioAnhui Province, China$3.3 bn$235 mn
241YuhanSouth Korea$3.2 bn$1.2 bn
242Macleods PharmaMumbai, India$3.2 bn$891 mn
243PROBIOMEDMexico$3.2 bn$317 mn
244Dr. Falk PharmaFreiburg im Breisgau, Germany$3.2 bn$485 mn
245ChemoCentryxBay Area, US$3.2 bn$76 mn
246Arrowhead PharmaLos Angeles, US$3.2 bn$123 mn
247Taisho PharmaTokyo, Japan$3.2 bn$2.8 bn
248Pars DarouIran$3.2 bn$881 mn
249China Meheco GroupBeijing, China$3.2 bn$5.2 bn
250China Biologic ProductsBeijing, China$3.1 bn$511 mn
251Bridgebio PharmaBay Area, US$3.1 bn$40 mn
252LFBParis, France$3.1 bn$472 mn
253PTC TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$3.1 bn$311 mn
254ImmunovantNew York Area, US$3.1 bnNA
255lnsmedNew York Area, US$3.1 bn$163 mn
256Asahi Kasei PharmaTokyo, Japan$3.1 bnNA
257GC PharmaSouth Korea$3 bn$1.1 bn
258BrightGene BioJiangsu Province, China$3 bn$84 mn
259medac gmbhWedel, Germany$2.9 bn$446 mn
2603SBioLiaoning Province, China$2.9 bn$760 mn
261Amoytop BiotechFujian Province, China$2.9 bn$109 mn
262United TherapeuticsSilver Spring MD, US$2.9 bn$1.4 bn
263GBTBay Area, US$2.9 bn$47 mn
264GW PharmaceuticalsCambridge, UK$2.9 bn$441 mn
265Arena PharmaSan Diego, US$2.9 bn$4.6 mn
266AlvogenNew York Area, US$2.9 bn$800 mn
267PrascoMason, Ohio, US$2.9 bn$800 mn
268Simcere PharmaJiangsu Province, China$2.9 bn$800 mn
269ADC TherapeuticsGeneva, Switzerland$2.9 bn$0 mn
270AxsomeNew York, NY$2.9 bnNA
271BIOCADSt. Petersburg, Russia$2.9 bn$283 mn
272Guojian PharmaShanghai, China$2.8 bn$149 mn
273KrKaSlovenia$2.8 bn$1.7 bn
274ChipscreenGuangdong Province, China$2.8 bn$28 mn
275Harmony BiosciencesPhiladelphia Area, US$2.8 bn$63 mn
276Fate TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$2.8 bn$13 mn
277Reata PharmaIrving, TX, US$2.8 bn$13 mn
278HisamitsuTosu, Japan$2.8 bn$1.2 bn
279China Medical SystemGuangdong Province, China$2.8 bn$880 mn
280Biolab Sanus PharmaSao Paolo, Brazil$2.8 bn$418 mn
281Biolab Sanus PharmaSao Paolo, Brazil$2.8 bn$418 mn
282Mankind PharmaDelhi, India$2.8 bn$766 mn
283SawaiOsaka, Japan$2.7 bn$1.6 bn
284Jubilant Pharma SegmentNoida, UP, India$2.7 bn$758 mn
285TG TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$2.7 bn$0.1 mn
286EthypharmParis, France$2.7 bn$413 mn
287China TCM HoldingsHong Kong$2.7 bn$1.9 bn
288Kowa Pharma SegmentTokyo, Japan$2.7 bn$1.3 bn
289AlembicAhmedabad, India$2.7 bn$661 mn
290AlkermesBoston Area, US$2.7 bn$1.1 bn
291NektarBay Area, US$2.7 bn$162 mn
292Neopharm LtdIsrael$2.6 bn$400 mn
293AoDong MedicineJilin Province, China$2.6 bn$363 mn
294Chase Sun PharmaTianjin, China$2.6 bn$778 mn
295AkesoGuangdong Province, China$2.6 bn$10 mn
296Joincare PharmaGuangdong Province, China$2.6 bn$1.7 bn
297Turning PointSan Diego, US$2.6 bnNA
298PaciraNew York Area, US$2.6 bn$408 mn
299Dendreon / SanpowerLos Angeles, US$2.6 bn$393 mn
300Bio-Thera SolutionsGuangdong Province, China$2.6 bn$7 mn
301Zelgen BioAnhui Province, China$2.6 bnNA
302Jumpcan PharmaJiangsu Province, China$2.6 bn$847 mn
303Luye PharmaShandong Province, China$2.5 bn$876 mn
304Shuanglin BiopharmaGuangdong Province, China$2.5 bn$133 mn
305PharmascienceQuebec, Canada$2.5 bn$700 mn
306AlmirallBarcelona, Spain$2.5 bn$981 mn
307Karo PharmaSweden$2.5 bn$276 mn
308OcumensionJiangsu Province, China$2.5 bn$0.3 mn
309Fudan-ZhangjiangShanghai China$2.5 bn$123 mn
310EmcureMumbai, India$2.4 bn$673 mn
311OPKO HealthMiami, Florida, US$2.4 bn$965 mn
312Seres TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$2.4 bn$28 mn
313Xianju PharmaZhejiang Province, China$2.4 bn$512 mn
314TsumuraOsaka, Japan$2.4 bn$1.1 bn
315Boya BioJiangxi Province, China$2.4 bn$404 mn
316GalapagosBelgium$2.4 bn$1.1 bn
317Teijin PharmaTokyo, Japan$2.3 bn$1.1 bn
318Fidia FarmaAbano Terme, Italy$2.3 bn$354 mn
319GlenmarkMumbai, India$2.3 bn$1.4 bn
320CytoDynSeattle, US$2.3 bnNA
321Sage TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$2.3 bn$8.9 mn
322BiocodexParis, France$2.3 bn$350 mn
323HelsinnLugano, Switzerland$2.3 bn$350 mn
324DecipheraBoston Area, US$2.3 bn$7.1 mn
325VirbacCarros, France$2.3 bn$1 bn
326Conba PharmaZhejiang Province, China$2.3 bn$893 mn
327BIALPortugal$2.3 bn$345 mn
328Zhejiang MedicineZhejiang Province, China$2.3 bn$989 mn
329AdamedPoland$2.3 bn$343 mn
330ASK PharmJiangsu Province, China$2.2 bn$526 mn
331Hile Bio-TechnologyShanghai, China$2.2 bn$36 mn
332China Animal HusbandryBeijing, China$2.2 bn$644 mn
333bluebird bioBoston Area, US$2.2 bn$239 mn
334LiomontMexico$2.2 bn$600 mn
335Stallergenes GreerLondon, United Kingdom$2.2 bn$326 mn
336HaiyaoHainan Province, China$2.1 bn$298 mn
337Bailing Group PharmaGuizhou, China$2.1 bn$393 mn
338Aristo PharmaBerlin, Germany$2.1 bn$590 mn
339Nhwa PharmaJiangsu Province, China$2.1 bn$500 mn
340HuvepharmaBulgaria$2.1 bn$320 mn
341PharmaMarMadrid, Spain$2.1 bn$240 mn
342Aimmune TherapeuticsBay Area, US$2.1 bn$0.5 mn
343Xinbang PharmaGuizhou, China$2.1 bn$860 mn
344Haohai BiotechShanghai, China$2.1 bnNA
345Myovant SciencesBay Area, US$2 bn$33 mn
346ROVIMadrid, Spain$2 bn$444 mn
347SSY GroupHong Kong$2 bn$528 mn
348Norbrook LaboratoriesNorthern Ireland, UK$2 bn$305 mn
349Intra-Cellular TherapiesNew York Area, US$2 bn$3 mn
350lnovio PharmaPhiladelphia Area, US$2 bn$2.7 mn
351MesoblastMelbourne, Australia$2 bn$32 mn
352Micro LabsBangalore, India$2 bn$558 mn
353Cheezheng Tibetan MedNyingchi, Tibet, China$2 bn$198 mn
354AgiosBoston Area, US$2 bn$185 mn
355Kodiak SciencesPalo Alto, CA$1.9 bnNA
356Taiji GroupSichuan Province, China$1.9 bn$1.5 bn
357RevanceBay Area, US$1.9 bn$0.4 mn
358Apellis PharmaBoston Area, US$1.9 bnNA
359NatcoHyderabad, India$1.9 bn$262 mn
360MSN LaboratoriesHyderabad, India$1.9 bn$520 mn
361Karuna TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.9 bnNA
362Sorrento TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$1.9 bn$35 mn
363IGM BiosciencesBay Area, US$1.9 bnNA
364ShyndecShanghai, China$1.8 bn$1.7 bn
365CK Life SciencesHong Kong$1.8 bn$612 mn
366Bukwang PharmaSouth Korea$1.8 bn$142 mn
367Ironwood PharmaBoston Area, US$1.8 bn$426 mn
368Advanz PharmaLondon, United Kingdom$1.8 bn$503 mn
369MedochemieCyprus$1.8 bn$500 mn
370Brilliant PharmaSichuan Province, China$1.8 bn$500 mn
371Grupo UriachBarcelona, Spain$1.8 bn$271 mn
372Square PharmaBangladesh$1.8 bn$545 mn
373AcinoZurich, Switzerland$1.8 bn$495 mn
374Zhongheng GroupGuangxi Province, China$1.8 bn$530 mn
375Ajanta PharmaMumbai, India$1.8 bn$350 mn
376XencorLos Angeles, US$1.8 bn$70 mn
377SL PharmHainan Province, China$1.7 bn$214 mn
378Hisoar PharmaZhejiang Province, China$1.7 bn$356 mn
379Xiangxue PharmaGuangdong Province, China$1.7 bn$464 mn
380Eidos TherapeuticsBay Area, US$1.7 bn$26 mn
381ZBD PharmaceuticalHeilongjiang Province, China$1.7 bn$450 mn
382IDT BiologikaDessau-Roillau, Germany$1.7 bn$259 mn
383Siam BioscienceThailand$1.7 bn$169 mn
384JT Pharma / ToriiTokyo, Japan$1.7 bn$815 mn
385TheramexLondon, United Kingdom$1.7 bn$258 mn
386HIPRASpain, Other$1.7 bn$256 mn
387Zhongsheng PharmaGuangdong Province, China$1.7 bn$284 mn
388Quantum Hi-TechGuangdong Province, China$1.7 bn$195 mn
389Biotest / Creat GroupBerlin, Germany$1.7 bn$516 mn
390Sebela PharmaAtlanta, US$1.7 bn$250 mn
391TecnoquimicasColombia$1.6 bn$458 mn
392Corcept TherapeuticsBay Area, US$1.6 bn$351 mn
393SINQILiaoning Province, China$1.6 bn$74 mn
394Towa PharmaOsaka, Japan$1.6 bn$1.1 bn
395Nichi-IkoToyama, Japan$1.6 bn$1.7 bn
396Kolmar Medicine UnitSouth Korea$1.6 bn$567 mn
397HugelSouth Korea$1.6 bn$162 mn
398Alphamab OncologyJiangsu Province, China$1.6 bn$1.4 mn
399Aurinia PharmaVancouver, Canada$1.6 bn$0.3 mn
400AnGesOsaka, Japan$1.6 bn$1.5 mn
401USVMumbai, India$1.6 bn$446 mn
402ArkopharmaLyon, France$1.6 bn$241 mn
403Kimia FarmaSumatera Utara, Indonesia$1.6 bn$662 mn
404Bavarian NordicCopenhagen, Denmark$1.6 bn$226 mn
405Dezhan HealthcareBeijing, China$1.6 bn$221 mn
406SpringWorksNew York Area, US$1.6 bnNA
407Zixin PharmaJilin Province, China$1.6 bn$65 mn
408HanAll BiopharmaSouth Korea$1.6 bn$82 mn
409CytokineticsBay Area, US$1.6 bn$18 mn
410Gebro PharmaAustria$1.6 bn$236 mn
411ClinigenNorthern UK$1.5 bn$624 mn
412Revolution MedicinesBay Area, US$1.5 bn$46 mn
413IsdinBarcelona, Spain$1.5 bn$232 mn
414Laboratorio EleaArgentina$1.5 bn$232 mn
415ALX OncologyBay Area, US$1.5 bn$3.6 mn
416Forma TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.5 bn$10 mn
417FujiFilm PharmaTokyo, Japan$1.5 bnNA
418Laboratorios SanferMexico$1.5 bnNA
419SanovelTurkey$1.5 bn$227 mn
420SPIMACOMosadia, Saudi Arabia$1.5 bn$417 mn
421Abiogen PharmaPisa, Italy$1.5 bn$223 mn
422Akcea TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.5 bn$336 mn
423uniQureNetherlands$1.5 bn$5.3 mn
424InnocareHong Kong$1.5 bn$0.1 mn
425MicrogenMoscow, Russia$1.5 bn$144 mn
426Intercept PharmaNew York Area, US$1.5 bn$283 mn
427ZymeworksVancouver, Canada$1.4 bn$30 mn
428Sobhan PharmaIran$1.4 bn$397 mn
429Viela BioGaithersburg, MD, US$1.4 bn$30 mn
430Bimeda Animal HealthIreland$1.4 bn$216 mn
431Y-mAbs TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$1.4 bnNA
432Northeast PharmaShenyang Province, China$1.4 bn$1.1 bn
433Sunflower PharmaHeilongjiang Province, China$1.4 bn$507 mn
434Biological E.Hyderabad, India$1.4 bn$140 mn
435Editas MedicineBoston Area, US$1.4 bn$32 mn
436CortexymeBay Area, US$1.4 bnNA
437Yungjin PharmSouth Korea$1.4 bn$147 mn
438KymeraBoston Area, US$1.4 bnNA
439Lukang PharmaShandong Province, China$1.4 bn$549 mn
440AlloVirBoston Area, US$1.4 bn$0 mn
441Hybio PharmaGuangdong Province, China$1.4 bn$85 mn
442URSAPHARMSaarbrucken, Germany$1.4 bn$206 mn
443Uniao QufmicaSao Paolo, Brazil$1.4 bn$376 mn
444HEC PharmaGuangdong Province, China$1.4 bn$741 mn
445Zhongxin PharmaTianjin, China$1.3 bn$955 mn
446MacroGenicsRockville MD, US$1.3 bn$77 mn
447Kern PharmaBarcelona, Spain$1.3 bn$368 mn
448MedisonIsrael$1.3 bn$200 mn
449Theravance BiopharmaBay Area, US$1.3 bn$76 mn
450Cosmo PharmaLugano, Switzerland$1.3 bn$75 mn
451Nestle Pharma OpsVevey, Switzerland$1.3 bn$288 mn
452Cerevel TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.3 bnNA
453AtnahsLondon, United Kingdom$1.3 bn$360 mn
454CompugenIsrael$1.3 bnNA
455CoherusBay Area, US$1.3 bn$487 mn
456MersanaBoston Area, US$1.3 bn$1.6 mn
457II-Yang Pharm.South Korea$1.3 bn$270 mn
458Kura OncologySan Diego, US$1.3 bnNA
459Madrigal PharmaPhiladelphia Area, US$1.3 bnNA
460GNI GroupTokyo, Japan$1.3 bn$77 mn
461KUPSouth Korea$1.2 bn$136 mn
462Weiguang BiologicalGuangdong Province, China$1.2 bn$122 mn
463Changshan BioHebei Province, China$1.2 bn$308 mn
464Nordic PharmaParis, France$1.2 bn$182 mn
465Ringpu BioTechHebei Province, China$1.2 bn$245 mn
466RenataBangladesh$1.2 bn$310 mn
467Gloria PharmaceuticalsHeilongjiang Province, China$1.2 bn$527 mn
468Zealand PharmaCopenhagen, Denmark$1.2 bn$38 mn
469Medy-ToxSouth Korea$1.2 bn$151 mn
470Beam TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.2 bnNA mn
471LigandSan Diego, US$1.2 bn$126 mn
472Leadiant BiosciencesRome, Italy$1.2 bn$180 mn
473Zhenghai BiotechShandong Province, China$1.2 bn$39 mn
474Reliance Life SciencesMumbai, India$1.2 bn$116 mn
475NkartaBay Area, US$1.2 bn$0 mn
476GuangYuYuangShaanxi Province, China$1.2 bn$156 mn
477Mayinglong PharmaHubei Province, China$1.2 bn$341 mn
478Zeria PharmaTokyo, Japan$1.2 bn$543 mn
479Laboratoire AguettantLyon, France$1.2 bn$177 mn
480AdaptimmuneOxford, UK$1.2 bn$2.2 mn
481DuchesnayQuebec, Canada$1.2 bn$175 mn
482MezzionSouth Korea$1.2 bn$17 mn
483Rocket PharmaNew York Area, US$1.2 bnNA
484Akero TherapeuticsBay Area, US$1.2 bnNA
485AlvotechIceland$1.2 bnNA
486Kanion PharmaJiangsu Province, China$1.1 bn$545 mn
487Hansa BioPharmaLund, Sweden$1.1 bn$0.3 mn
488SynthonNetherlands$1.1 bn$316 mn
489InnovivaBay Area, US$1.1 bn$299 mn
490Heron TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$1.1 bn$125 mn
491AthenexNew York Area, US$1.1 bn$140 mn
492SAIDALAlgeria$1.1 bn$313 mn
493Faes FarmaMadrid, Spain$1.1 bn$458 mn
494VTR Bio-techGuangdong Province, China$1.1 bn$298 mn
495HelixsmithSouth Korea$1.1 bn$4.4 mn
496AmarinNew York Area, US$1.1 bn$545 mn
497Haw Par CorporationSingapore$1.1 bn$130 mn
498Sam Chun Dang PharmSouth Korea$1.1 bn$152 mn
499Rhythm PharmaBoston Area, US$1.1 bnNA
500iTeos TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$1.1 bn$0 mn
501StridesBangalore, India$1.1 bn$377 mn
502KyorinTokyo, Japan$1.1 bn$1 bn
503Kaken PharmaTokyo, Japan$1.1 bn$788 mn
504EpizymeBoston Area, US$1.1 bn$13 mn
505Nurix TherapeuticsBay Area, US$1.1 bn$19 mn
506CamurusLund, Sweden$1.1 bn$22 mn
507Arbor PharmaAtlanta, US$1.1 bn$300 mn
508Stendhal PharmaMexico$1.1 bn$300 mn
509Chengdu BaiyuSichuan Province, China$1.1 bn$300 mn
510Pulike BiologicalHenan Province, China$1.1 bn$108 mn
511Bharat BiotechHyderabad, India$1.1 bn$106 mn
512Phibro Animal HealthNew York Area, US$1.1 bn$800 mn
513VianexGreece$1.1 bn$297 mn
514MithraBelgium$1.1 bn$108 mn
515LACERBarcelona, Spain$1.1 bn$162 mn
516Mayoly SpindlerParis, France$1.1 bn$161 mn
517Lummy PharmaSichuan Province, China$1.1 bn$235 mn
518DONGKOOK PharmaSouth Korea$1.1 bn$433 mn
519TECNIMEDEPortugal$1 bn$290 mn
520OscotecSouth Korea$1 bn$15 mn
521Eczacibasi Mac SanayiLevent, Turkey$1 bn$157 mn
522EuroceptNetherlands$1 bn$288 mn
523IBIAprilia, Italy$1 bn$288 mn
524Science SunBeijing, China$1 bn$161 mn
525CristaliaSao Paolo, Brazil$1 bn$287 mn
526PharmicellSouth Korea$1 bn$23 mn
527SanjinGuangxi Province, China$1 bn$226 mn
528PharmathenNetherlands$1 bn$285 mn
529PrecigenGermantown MD, US$1 bn$95 mn
530KPCYunnan Province, China$1 bn$1.1 bn
531JiuzhitangHubei Province, China$1 bn$471 mn
532C LabsMadrid, Spain$1 bn$283 mn
533Dr. KadeBerlin, Germany$1 bn$154 mn
534Generation BioBoston Area, US$1 bn$0 mn
535BioXcel TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$1 bnNA
536AdimmuneTaiwan$1 bn$53 mn
537Cadila PharmaAhmedabad, India$1 bn$280 mn
538SanaSeattle, US$1 bnNA
539AYUMI PharmaceuticalTokyo, Japan$1 bn$239 mn
540Adverum BiotechnologiesBay Area, US$1 bn$0.2 mn
541KaryopharmBoston Area, US$999 mn$82 mn
542Haixin GroupShanghai, China$998.3 mn$146 mn
543LantheusBoston Area, US$997.3 mn$331 mn
544ZogenixBay Area, US$994.7 mn$4.8 mn
545Tris PharmaMonmouth Junction NJ, US$990 mn$150 mn
546Zhejiang Int’l GroupZhejiang Province, China$989.3 mn$3.6 bn
547AnnexonBay Area, US$988.4 mn$0 mn
548Guanhao BiotechGuangdong Province, China$985.3 mn$61 mn
549Clovis OncologyColorado, U.S.$983.4 mn$159 mn
550BottuMorocco$981 mn$272 mn
551NGM BiopharmaceuticalsBay Area, US$979.7 mn$96 mn
552NormonMadrid, Spain$979.2 mn$272 mn
553Zentalis PharmaNew York Area, US$974 mn$0 mn
554Pharscin PharmaSichuan Province, China$971.8 mn$115 mn
555OncopeptidesSweden$970.7 mnNA
556Huaren PharmaShandong Province, China$968.4 mn$189 mn
557Fudan ForwardShanghai, China$964.2 mn$139 mn
558WockhardtMumbai, India$964.1 mn$359 mn
559Yipinhong PharmaGuangdong Province, China$960.8 mn$214 mn
560TerSera TherapeuticsChicago Area$957 mn$145 mn
561Eris Lifesciences LimitedAhmedabad, India$956.1 mn$142 mn
562Dexa MedicaMedan City, Indonesia$951 mnNA
563Avidity BiosciencesSan Diego, US$949.2 mn$4.9 mn
564Tonghua Golden-HorseJilin Province, China$943.7 mn$213 mn
565Shandong ShandaShandong Province, China$941.4 mn$257 mn
566SoseiTokyo, Japan$940.1 mn$66 mn
567Beijing Beilu PharmaBeijing, China$937.2 mn$111 mn
568Amphastar PharmaLos Angeles, US$936.9 mn$334 mn
569Takata PharmaceuticalSaitama, Japan$936 mnNA
570Tabuk PharmaRiyadh, Saudi Arabia$936 mn$260 mn
571OmerosSeattle, US$935 mn$100 mn
572HealiosTokyo, Japan$932.4 mn$2.3 mn
573Nippon Kayaku PharmaTokyo, Japan$928 mn$444mm
574Kiniksa PharmaBoston Area, US$926.3 mnNA
575Boston Scientific PharmaBoston Area, US$924 mn$140 mn
576RenheJiangxi Province, China$921.5 mn$577 mn
577Applied Molecular TranspBay Area, US$920.5 mn$0 mn
578Tai’an Tang PharmaShanghai, China$918.6 mn$547 mn
579Arcus BiosciencesBay Area, US$914.1 mn$15 mn
580Arcturus TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$910.4 mn$11 mn
581VetoquinolParis, France$906.1 mn$444 mn
582JW HoldingsSouth Korea$905.5 mn$618 mn
583EsperionAnn Arbor, MI, US$904.9 mn$216 mn
584ApsenSao Paolo, Brazil$900 mn$250 mn
585Dexcel PharmaIsrael$900 mn$250 mn
586AgenusBoston Area, US$897.9 mn$96 mn
587J. B. ChemicalsMumbai, India$897.5 mn$245 mn
588Jingxin PharmZhejiang Province, China$895.1 mn$485 mn
589Intellia TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$894.5 mn$50 mn
590MochidaTokyo, Japan$892.1 mn$952 mn
591OsirisColumbia MD, US$888.3 mn$134 mn
592SKKTokyo, Japan$887.3 mn$424 mn
593Stoke Therapeutics, Inc.Boston Area, US$887 mnNA
594Ampharco U.S.A.Nhon Trach, Vietnam$885.5 mn$245 mn
595Oxford BioMedicaOxford, UK$885.1 mn$81 mn
596Shanghai FurenShanghai, China$884.9 mn$529 mn
597BinexSouth Korea$884.1 mn$107 mn
598DaewoongSouth Korea$884 mn$890 mn
599Zhendong PharmaShanxi Province, China$881.9 mn$622 mn
600Sangamo TherapeuticsBay Area, US$881.8 mn$111 mn
601TaiMed BiologicsTaiwan$878.8 mn$28 mn
602PharmaEssentiaTaiwan$877.2 mn$11 mn
603Jiangzhong PharmaJiangxi Province, China$870.6 mn$349 mn
604Pharm-SintezMoscow, Russia$865.8 mn$240 mn
605Dong-A SocioSouth Korea$860 mn$659 mn
606Jingfeng PharmaShanghai China$858 mn$172 mn
607Jiudian PharmaChangsha, China$846.8 mn$126 mn
608Incepta PharmaBangladesh$843.7 mn$234 mn
609Black Diamond TxBoston Area, US$842.4 mnNA
610ImmunocoreOxford, UK$839.4 mnNA
611BosnalijekBosnia-Herzegovina$837.7 mn$232 mn
612Bilim PharmaceuticalsTurkey$836.2 mn$232 mn
613Qianhong BiopharmaJiangsu Province, China$835.6 mn$210 mn
614AkornChicago Area$833 mn$682 mn
615SupernusRockville MD, US$832.6 mn$424 mn
616Jinhe BiotechLiaoning Province, China$830.8 mn$254 mn
617Repare TherapeuticsToronto, Canada$830.4 mn$0 mn
618REGENXBIORockville MD, US$828.4 mn$60 mn
619Poseida TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$828.2 mn$0 mn
620Atara BiotherapeuticsBay Area, US$827.8 mnNA
621Beijing Tong Ren TangHebei Province, China$825.3 mn$600 mn
622Tong Ren Tang TechBeijing, China$825.3 mn$600 mn
623Lingrui PharmaHenan Province, China$824.3 mn$306 mn
624Xinhua PharmShandong Province, China$823.7 mn$816 mn
625Cstone PharmaJiangsu Province, China$822.9 mn$3.2 mn
626Chong Kun Dang PharmSouth Korea$821.1 mn$662 mn
627YoshindoToyama, Japan$817 mn$391 mn
628Atea PharmaBoston Area, US$817 mnNA
629SanBioTokyo, Japan$814 mn$0.1 mn
630Nihon Chouzai GenericsTokyo, Japan$808.8 mn$2.5 bn
631Laboratoires BrothierFontevraud-l’Abbaye, France$805.8 mn$223 mn
632BioibericaBarcelona, Spain$803.7 mn$223 mn
633ArvinasNew York Area, US$802 mn$46 mn
634Jolly PharmaceuticalZhejiang Province, China$801.4 mn$134 mn
635Pharmaceutical AssociatesWashington DC Area$800 mn$100 mn
636Collegium PharmaceuticalBoston Area, US$797.7 mn$301 mn
637Komipharm InternationalSouth Korea$797.6 mn$31 mn
638GuidottiPisa, Italy$797.1 mn$221 mn
639AOP OrphanAustria$794.3 mn$120 mn
640ZdrowiePoland$793 mn$220 mn
641FarmigeaPisa, Italy$790.2 mn$119 mn
642VecturaLondon, United Kingdom$784.2 mn$218 mn
643Keros TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$782.5 mn$5 mn
644The GPOThailand$779.7 mn$216 mn
645Tolmar / TecnofarmaColombia$778.8 mn$118 mn
646Eusa PharmaLondon, United Kingdom$778.8 mn$87 mn
647Ji Yao HoldingJilin Province, China$774 mn$9.5 bn
648Laboratoire RenaudinItxassou, France$772 mn$214 mn
649LannettPhiladelphia Area, US$771.9 mn$545 mn
650Yibai PharmaceuticalGuizhou, China$770 mn$456 mn
651BioArcticNorway$768.9 mn$9.8 mn
652Wohua PharmaShandong Province, China$765.8 mn$131 mn
653VericelBoston Area, US$765.7 mn$116 mn
654Havea GroupBouffere, France$764.6 mn$212 mn
655Prati, Donaduzzi & Cia.Toledo, Brazil$763.2 mn$212 mn
656Lionco PharmaZhejiang Province, China$762.4 mn$180 mn
657Innovis PharmaGreece$760.3 mn$211 mn
658RAPT TherapeuticsBay Area, US$756.9 mn$2.2 mn
659FarmakKiev, Ukraine$756 mn$236 mn
660Medis o.o.o.Llubjana, Slovenia$755.4 mn$114 mn
661RetrophinSan Diego, US$754.5 mn$187 mn
662Kocak FarmaIstanbul, Turkey$752.4 mn$209 mn
663Clinuvel PharmaZurich, Switzerland$751.1 mn$22 mn
664VBI VaccinesBoston Area, US$749.5 mn$1.8 mn
665ReplimuneBoston Area, US$745 mnNA
666PharmingNetherlands$743.8 mn$202 mn
667Valenta PharmaMoscow, Russia$743.4 mn$206 mn
668InhibrxSan Diego, US$743.1 mnNA
669DesitinHamburg, Germany$742.5 mn$112 mn
670CrystalGenomicsSouth Korea$740.2 mn$77 mn
671FDCMumbai, India$739.3 mn$173 mn
672Kai Bao PharmaShanghai, China$739.1 mn$156 mn
673Blau FarmaceuticaCotia, Brazil$738.7 mn$205 mn
674FatroMilan, Italy$735.9 mn$111 mn
675Arcutis BiotherapeuticsLos Angeles, US$735.7 mnNA
676NantKwestLos Angeles, US$735.4 mnNA
677Translate BioLexington, MA$734.3 mn$26 mn
678SIFISicily, Italy$731.1 mn$203 mn
679Liminal BioSciencesQuebec, Canada$729.1 mnNA
680Jiangsu Sihuan BioJiangsu Province, China$729 mn$68 mn
681GeropharmRussia$727.2 mn$72 mn
682Maruishi PharmaOsaka, Japan$726.3 mn$347 mn
683Currax PharmaNew York Area, US$726 mn$110 mn
684Yabao PharmaceuticalShanxi Province, China$722 mn$370 mn
685Exela PharmaLenoir, NC$720 mn$200 mn
686Nippon ZokiOsaka, Japan$718.9 mn$199 mn
687Hengkang MedicalSichuan Province, China$716.6 mn$437 mn
688Senju PharmaOsaka, Japan$710.6 mn$401 mn
689Phathom PharmaNew York Area, US$710.4 mnNA
690CosunterFujian Province, China$709.8 mn$52 mn
691Farabi PharmaIran$709.2 mn$197 mn
692TeutoGoias, Brazil$705.6 mn$196 mn
693Acme PharmaceuticalsBangladesh$704.5 mn$195 mn
694JulpharUnited Arab Emirates$703.8 mn$102 mn
695AB ScienceParis, France$703.1 mn$1.7 mn
696Jinghua PharmaJiangsu Province, China$698.9 mn$159 mn
697Dicerna PharmaBoston Area, US$692.1 mn$89 mn
698Boryung PharmaSouth Korea$689.9 mn$456 mn
699Beximco PharmaBangladesh$689.9 mn$295 mn
700MiMedxAtlanta, US$687.8 mn$280 mn
701StaidsonBeijing, China$686.8 mn$68 mn
702Emisphere TechnologiesNew York Area, US$675.7 mn$1 mn
703Konruns PharmaBeijing, China$673.8 mn$123 mn
704Exir PharmaceuticalIran$671 mn$186 mn
705DOC GenericiMilan, Italy$669.6 mn$186 mn
706RadiusBoston Area, US$669 mn$200 mn
707SillaJenSouth Korea$667.8 mn$1.9 mn
708BasileaBasel, Switzerland$667.6 mn$148 mn
709VaxartBay Area, US$667.3 mn$7.7 mn
710PharmasyntezIrkutsk, Russia$666 mn$185 mn
711Cisen PharmaceuticalShandong Province, China$663 mn$539 mn
712TchaikapharmaBulgaria$662.3 mnNA
713MedDay PharmaParis, France$660 mnNA
714PharmacosmosCopenhagen, Denmark$660 mn$100 mn
715EumedicaBelgium$660 mn$100 mn
716ShilpaBangalore, India$658.2 mn$128 mn
717AlectorBay Area, US$655.1 mn$19 mn
718SenhwaTaiwan$653.1 mnNA
719Dr. August WolffBielefield, Germany$649.5 mn$98 mn
720CellectisParis, France$648.2 mn$73 mn
721KisseiMatsumoto, Japan$647.1 mn$586 mn
722SPARCMumbai, India$644.4 mn$32 mn
723NobelTurkey$644.4 mn$179 mn
724IndofarmaIndonesia$642.9 mn$99 mn
725Medigen VaccineTaiwan$639.9 mnNA
726Flexion TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$639.8 mn$81 mn
727Laboratoires GenevrierLyon, France$639.4 mn$96 mn
728KadmonNew York Area, US$632.1 mn$11 mn
729Mayne PharmaMelbourne, Australia$624.6 mn$315 mn
730Morphic TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$622.4 mn$18 mn
731Ozon PharmaceuticalsRussia$622 mn$172 mn
732OBI PharmaTaiwan$617.4 mn$2 mn
733Albireo PharmaBoston Area, US$616.9 mn$11 mn
734SinovacBeijing, China$615 mn$213 mn
735Krystal BiotechPittsburgh Area, US$614.6 mnNA
736Provention Bio, Inc.New York Area, US$614 mnNA
737ZENOAQTokyo, Japan$612.3 mn$293 mn
738Alora PharmaAtlanta, US$612 mn$170 mn
739Pliant TherapeuticsBay Area, US$608.7 mn$89 mn
740ScicloneShanghai, China$605 mnNA
741DynavaxBay Area, US$604.1 mn$34 mn
742HandokSouth Korea$602.5 mn$405 mn
743BioCrystNorth Carolina, US$602.3 mn$49 mn
744Weixinkang MedicineLhasa, Tibet, China$601.2 mn$95 mn
745PKU HealthCare Corp.Sichuan Province, China$600.2 mn$311 mn
746Inozyme PharmaBoston Area, US$597.4 mn$0 mn
747Protagonist TherapeuticsBay Area, US$594.4 mn$16 mn
748HRA PharmaNew York Area, US$594 mn$90 mn
749Molecular TemplatesAustin, Texas$592.7 mn$20 mn
750BoironLyon, France$590.4 mn$623 mn
751Nephron PharmaWest Columbia, SC$589.3 mn$163 mn
752CCM Duopharma BiotechMalaysia$586.4 mn$135 mn
753Hiteck Biological PharmaWuhan, China$585.7 mn$69 mn
754Deva HoldingTurkey$585.4 mn$230 mn
755Laboraoires MajorelleParis, France$583.2 mn$30 mn
756SOHO Global HealthcareIndonesia$578.8 mn
757Teikoku SenyakuHigashikagawa, Japan$576.8 mn$276 mn
758Alliance PharmaLondon, United Kingdom$571.8 mn$162 mn
759Caplin Point LaboratoriesChennai, India$568.7 mn$120 mn
760NativaRussia$567.3 mn$157 mn
761Cara TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$565.9 mn$24 mn
762Grupo MedinfarPortugal$565.4 mn$157 mn
763Gongwin BiopharmTaiwan$564.9 mnNA
764Cassiopea S.p.A.Milan, Italy$564.7 mn$0.7 mn
765Bath ASULondon, United Kingdom$564.5 mn$156 mn
766Frequency TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$563.9 mn$44 mn
767Foci PharmaceuticalGansu Province, China$562.6 mn$91 mn
768DEMOGreece$561.5 mn$155 mn
769Newbridge PharmaUnited Arab Emirates$561 mn$85 mn
770InibsaBarcelona, Spain$560.6 mn$155 mn
771TalophHenan Province, China$559 mn$193 mn
772FamarGreece$557.3 mn$154 mn
773Akouos TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$557.1 mn$0 mn
774TTY BiopharmTaiwan$555.9 mn$144 mn
775Amryt PharmaIreland$554.4 mnNA
776Intersect ENTBay Area, US$552.9 mn$85 mn
777HAL AllergyNetherlands$552.4 mn$83 mn
778Hansen PharmHubei Province, China$551.2 mn$110 mn
779BiosidusArgentina$551 mn$54 mn
780Northwest BioBethesda MD, US$548 mn$2 mn
781Farmfirma SoteksRussia$544.6 mn$151 mn
782Jianmin GroupHubei Province, China$542.5 mn$304 mn
783Cau TechnologyGuangdong Province, China$541.9 mn$7.6 mn
784WAVE Life SciencesBoston Area, US$541.1 mn$12 mn
785Elpen PharmaGreece$540 mn$150 mn
786PetrovaxRussia$538.5 mn$149 mn
787Autolus TherapeuticsLondon, United Kingdom$537.7 mn$1.2 mn
788Berlin PharmaThailand$536.4 mn$149 mn
789Recursion PharmaSalt City, Utah$529 mnNA
790Saol TherapeuticsAtlanta, US$528 mn$80 mn
791Sito BioShandong Province, China$527.8 mn$124 mn
792TaiGenTaiwan$526.2 mn$0.7 mn
793Taiwan BiotechTaiwan$525.4 mn$145 mn
794ImmunoGenBoston Area, US$525 mn$86 mn
795Kyowa PharmaceuticalOsaka, Japan$525 million$230 mm
796JGLCroatia$523.5 mn$145 mn
797Lepu BioShanghai, China$523 mnNA
798Honz PharmaGuangdong Province, China$521.8 mn$127 mn
799Getz PharmaPakistan$520.2 mn$144 mn
800ANI PharmaceuticalsMinnesota, US$519.6 mn$197 mn
801PharmaResearch Prod.South Korea$519.4 mn$76 mn
802Yakult Pharma SegmentTokyo, Japan$519 mnNA
803Freeline TherapeuticsStevenage, UK$518.3 mn$0 mn
804Gossamer BioSan Diego, US$516.6 mnNA
805Shenqi PharmaceuticalGuizhou, China$516.2 mn$262 mn
806DHG PharmaCan Tho, Vietnam$516 mn$164 mn
807ValnevaLyon, France$515.7 mn$134 mn
808Ocular TherapeutixBoston Area, US$515.5 mn$7.2 mn
809Hua MedicineHong Kong$513 mn$3.1 mn
810EnantaBoston Area, US$512.2 mn$150 mn
811Rana PharmSouth Korea$511.2 mn$142 mn
812Cosar PharmaceuticalIran$511.2 mn$142 mn
813Aerie PharmaceuticalsNorth Carolina, US$510.2 mn$81 mn
814OrganogenesisBoston Area, US$508.1 mn$269 mn
815TherapeuticsMDBoca Raton, FL$506.2 mn$62 mn
816Consilient HealthIreland$506.2 mn$76 mn
817HuonsSouth Korea$505.1 mn$402 mn
818SIGA TechnologiesNew York Area, US$504.9 mn$55 mn
819Syndax PharmaceuticalsBoston Area, US$504.6 mn$1.5 mn
820CoriumBay Area, US$504 mnNA
821Genor BiopharmaShanghai, China$503 millionNA
822IE UlagayTurkey$501.4 mn$139 mn
823AmbiopharmNorth August, SC, US$500 mnNA
824Odin PharmaceuticalsSomerset NJ$500 mn$80 mn
825NKMaxLos Angeles, US$496.5 mn$7.6 mn
826Teyi Pharmaceutical GroupGuangdong Province, China$496 mn$105 mn
827JeilSouth Korea$495.1 mn$624 mn
828TCR2 TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$494.3 mnNA
829Celon PharmaPoland$494.2 mn$25 mn
830HicinJiangsu Province, China$493.8 mn$119 mn
831Fengyuan PharmaceuticalAnhui Province, China$493.3 mn$459 mn
832kaleoRichmond, Virginia$492.2 mn$125 mn
833Aprea Therapeutics, Inc.Boston Area, US$491.8 mnNA
834AMAG PharmaBoston Area, US$489.7 mn$297 mn
835Aprogen PharmaceuticalsSouth Korea$486.4 mn$45 mn
836Pandion TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$484.9 mn$4.9 mn
837Green Cross CellSouth Korea$483 mn$31 mn
838ArteriumKiev, Ukraine$482.7 mn$134 mn
839SopharmaBulgaria$480.7 mn$775 mn
840OM PharmZurich, Switzerland$478 mn$101 mn
841ZIOPHARM OncologyBoston Area, US$476.2 mnNA
842ASKA PharmaceuticalTokyo, Japan$474.7 mn$484 mn
843Dongwha PharmSouth Korea$473.6 mn$245 mn
844Relmada TherapeuticsNew York, NY$471.4 mnNA
845YungShin GlobalTaiwan$470.4 mn$280 mn
846Vertice PharmaNew York Area, US$468 mn$130 mn
847Farmac-ZabbanBologna, Italy$467.8 mn$129 mn
848MannKindLos Angeles, US$466 mn$61 mn
849Ansun BiopharmaSan Diego, US$466 millionNA
850BiondVax PharmaceuticalsIsrael$464.8 mnNA
851AmlyxBoston Area, US$464 millionNA
852XOMABay Area, US$463.8 mn$10 mn
853CoduphaHo Chi Minh, Vietnam$463.6 mn$128 mn
854Yatai PharmaZhejiang Province, China$463.4 mn$55 mn
855SERBBelgium$463.3 mn$70 mn
856FangSheng PharmaHubei Province, China$462.8 mn$160 mn
857CMG PharmaSouth Korea$462.5 mn$49 mn
858RomarkTampa, FL$462 mn$70 mn
859Reig JofreBarcelona, Spain$461.8 mn$257 mn
860Poly PharmaceuticalsHuntsville, AL$460.8 mn$128 mn
861Lianhuan PharmaJiangsu Province, China$459.7 mn$191 mn
862Eagle PharmaNew York Area, US$458.4 mn$177 mn
863Odonate TherapeuticsSan Diego, US$456.5 mnNA
864Qianjin PharmaceuticalHubei Province, China$455.6 mn$497 mn
865Cue BiopharmaBoston Area, US$454.7 mn$4 mn
866Longjin PharmaceuticalYunnan Province, China$452.3 mn$34 mn
867ORIC PharmaBay Area, US$451.9 mnNA
868Jiaying PharmaceuticalGuangdong Province, China$451.6 mn$69 mn
869HanlimSouth Korea$448.5 mn$124 mn
870Daito PharmaceuticalToyama, Japan$448.3 mn$417 mn
871Guangji PharmaceuticalHubei Province, China$448.2 mn$100 mn
872Silence TherapeuticsLondon, United Kingdom$447.1 mn$1.7 mn
873Bristol LaboratoriesLondon, United Kingdom$445.2 mn$123 mn
874Pengqi Technology DevpShanghai China$443.1 mn$121 mn
875Soria NaturalGarray, Spain$442.7 mn$122 mn
876MIP GroupBlieskastel, Germany$442.4 mn$122 mn
877OsmoticaNew York Area, US$440.1 mn$211 mn
878SALVATBarcelona, Spain$440 mn$66 mn
879Jacobson PharmaHong Kong$439.4 mn$202 mn
880IndiviorRichmond, Virginia$439.4 mn$634 mn
881EutilexSouth Korea$439.1 mn$0.8 mn
88289bioBay Area, US$439.1 mnNA
883Aptose BiosciencesToronto Area, Canada$438.8 mnNA
884Pharma Foods InternationalKyoto, Japan$437.7 mn$145 mn
885Anika TherapeuticsBoston Area, US$437 mn$125 mn
886StarpharmaMelbourne, Australia$435.8 mn$4.5 mn
887Lisheng PharmaHebei Province, China$435.1 mn$194 mn
888Taihe Health TechnologySichuan Province, China$433.3 mn$101 mn
889Farma de Colombia SASColombia$432 mn$120 mn
890Brainstorm Cell TxNew York Area, US$431.7 mnNA
891RedHill BiopharmaTel-Aviv, Israel$431.1 mn$24 mn
892SpectrumLas Vegas, NV$430.1 mnNA
893AnterogenSouth Korea$428.6 mn$3.4 mn
894TricidaBay Area, US$428 mnNA
895Panlong PharmaceuticalShangluo, China$426 mn$64 mn
896Alter PharmaBelgium$424.8 mn$118 mn
897Passage Bio, Inc.Philadelphia Area, US$423.4 mnNA
898Molecular PartnersZurich, Switzerland$422.3 mn$15 mn
899CaregenSouth Korea$422.2 mn$53 mn
900Ferndale Pharma GroupMichigan, US$421.7 mn$63 mn
901Franco-Indian (FIPPL)Mumbai, India$420.7 mn$116 mn
902La borate PharmaceuticalsHaryana, India$420.1 mn$116 mn
903Qianjiang PharmaceuticalHubei Province, China$418.5 mn$111 mn
904Highland TherapeuticsToronto Area, Canada$418 mnNA
905MolteniFlorence, Italy$417.7 mn$63 mn
906TOA EIYOTokyo, Japan$416 mn$131 mn
907Syros PharmaBoston Area, US$414.3 mn$6.6 mn
908MedigenTaiwan$413.1 mn$18 mn
909Beyond Spring PharmaNew York Area, US$412.5 mnNA
910Theragen EtexSouth Korea$412.4 mn$114 mn
911Calliditas TherapeuticsSweden$412.2 mn$5 mn
912Vyera TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$411.8 mn$62 mn
913Neoleukin TherapeuticsSeattle, US$411.6 mnNA
914Daewon PharmSouth Korea$410.9 mn$265 mn
915HLS TherapeuticsToronto Area, Canada$409.8 mn$53 mn
916Puma BiotechnologyLos Angeles, US$409.2 mn$241 mn
917KymabCambridge, UK$408.5 mnNA
918SeikagakuTokyo, Japan$408.2 mn$259 mn
919DiachemBergamo, Italy$408.2 mn$113 mn
920Adcock IngramSouth Africa$407.5 mn$423 mn
921Applied Therapeutics, Inc.New York Area, US$404.7 mnNA
922Instituto Vital BrazilRio de Janeiro, Brazil$403.3 mn$112 mn
923iNtRON BiotechnologySouth Korea$403.2 mn$25 mn
924MoehsBarcelona, Spain$401.8 mn$111 mn
925US WorldMedsLouisville, KY, US$400 mnNA
926Yisheng PharmaJilin Province, China$398.9 mn$128 mn
927BioDelivery SciencesNorth Carolina, US$397.8 mn$136 mn
928Cosette PharmaNew York Area, US$396 mn$110 mn
929Aft PharmNew Zealand$395.4 mn$62 mn
930Synmosa BiopharmaTaiwan$393.9 mn$97 mn
931ArdelyxBay Area, US$391.9 mn$8.3 mn
932Bluefish PharmaceuticalsStockholm, Sweden$391.7 mn$108 mn
933FuruiBeijing, China$390.6 mn$114 mn
934G1 TherapeuticsNorth Carolina, US$390.4 mn$2.1 mn
935Blue Pharma-IndustriaPortugal$389.2 mn$108 mn
936BelupoCroatia$385.2 mn$107 mn
937Ohara PharmaTokyo, Japan$384.3 mn$183 mn
938Mirum PharmaceuticalsBay Area, US$384.2 mnNA
939Cellular BiomedicineBay Area, US$382.3 mn$0.2 mn
940Sihuan PharmaBeijing, China$382.2 mn$323 mn
941Neutec IlacTurkey$378.3 mn$105 mn
942Ildong PharmaceuticalSouth Korea$378 mn$467 mn
943AC ImmuneLausanne, Switzerland$376.4 mn$50 mn
944Lee’s PharmaceuticalHong Kong$376 mn$150 mn
945VIVUSBay Area, US$375.5 mn$56 mn
946Scholar Rock HoldingBoston Area, US$371.4 mn$21 mn
947Therabel PharmaNetherlands$370 mnNA
948HumanigenBay Area, US$369.6 mnNA
949Fortress BiotechNew York Area, US$369.5 mn$43 mn
950Savior LifetecTaiwan$368.7 mn$52 mn
951Assembly BiosciencesBay Area, US$368.2 mn$52 mn
952Rigel PharmaceuticalsBay Area, US$367.8 mn$108 mn
953Kala PharmaceuticalsBoston Area, US$367.7 mn$4.5 mn
954Materia MedicaMoscow, Russia$367.2 mn$102 mn
955Fuji PharmaTokyo, Japan$365.8 mn$314 mn
956Ovid TherapeuticsNew York Area, US$364.7 mnNA
957TransMedics GroupAndover, MA$363.1 mn$24 mn
958Kintor PharmaJiangsu Province, China$362.5 mn$0 mn
959Urovant SciencesIrvine, CA$362.3 mn$0 mn
960DarnitsaUkraine$360 mn$100 mn
961MS Pharma – El KendiAlgeria$360 mn$100 mn
962Ascendis HealthSouth Africa$359.3 mn$427 mn
963Kolon Life SciencesSouth Korea$358.9 mn$128 mn
964NissinTendo, Japan$358.1 mn$171 mn
965IndocoMumbai, India$357.3 mn$149 mn
966AtrecaBay Area, US$357 mnNA
967Alium GroupRussia$355.6 mn$98 mn
968The Searle CompanyPakistan$355.3 mn$98 mn
969Kwang Dong PharmaSouth Korea$353.9 mn$1 bn
970Jinling PharmaJiangsu Province, China$353.7 mn$338 mn
971Verona PharmaLondon, United Kingdom$351.5 mnNA
972EIPICOEgypt$351.5 mn$192 mn
973HNSPHainan Province, China$350.6 mn$40 mn
974AVROBIOBoston Area, US$350.5 mnNA
975Checkmate PharmaBoston Area, US$350.4 mnNA
976Xinguan PharmaceuticalZhejiang Province, China$350.2 mn$39 mn
977Flynn PharmaLondon, United Kingdom$349.9 mn$59 mn
978TanvexTaiwan$349.2 mnNA
979C&Y GroupShanxi Province, China$347.7 mn$137 mn
980ACME LaboratoriesBangladesh$347.5 mn$213 mn
981TAEJOON PHARMSouth Korea$347 mn$96 mn
982FarmabaseJaguariuna, Brazil$346.5 mn$52 mn
983XbiotechAustin, TX, US$345.1 mn$28 mn
984Apex HealthcareMalaysia$343.6 mn$167 mn
985Oyster Point PharmaPrinceton, NJ, US$342.2 mnNA
986Athersys, Inc.Cleveland, Ohio$341.7 mn$0 mn
987ParatekBoston Area, US$341.7 mn$30 mn
988PBFTaiwan$340.3 mn$50 mn
989Grupo AzevedosPortugal$339.8 mn$94 mn
990Centaur PharmaMumbai, India$338.8 mn$94 mn
991SOTH EMAMorocco$338.4 mn$178 mn
992Orchard TherapeuticsLondon, United Kingdom$338.4 mn$3.1 mn
993CantargiaLund, Sweden$338.4 mnNA
994Tiansheng PharmaJiangsu Province, China$337.8 mn$199 mn
995Tiziana Life SciencesLondon, United Kingdom$337.3 mnNA
996AesturaSouth Korea$336.9 mn$93 mn
997UroGen PharmaNew York Area, US$336.5 mn$0.3 mn
998TelixMelbourne, Australia$336.4 mnNA
999China Chemical & PharmaTaiwan$336 mn$272 mn
1000Shapuaisi PharmaZhejiang Province, China$335.5 mn$55 mn


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