Strategic Business Development

Put the right strategy to achieve your performance goals.

Our Service

We are a project management company specialized in B2B-Partnering, M&A and Recruitments. We provide tailored offerings throughout your partnering journey, beyond final closing of the deals.

Strategic Business Development

We are your partners all along in your journey towards excellence in business development. We help you elaborate on your strategy and further validate
it to ensure success. Once validated, we enable you to implement the strategies
to develop your business. We provide continued support in critical business decisions and help you achieve your performance goals.

Why 1IB? 

• Projects can be split in modules
• Hands-on support
• Multiple languages
• Well-established international network
• Up-to-date & transparent project management
• Result driven remuneration
• Flexible cancellation policy

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Our offering in detail:

•  Strategy elaboration

•  Strategy validation

•  Strategy implementation

•  Support in critical business decisions