Finding the right staff & interim support for your business.

Our Service

We are a project management company specialized in B2B-Partnering, M&A and Recruitments. We provide tailored offerings throughout your partnering journey,
beyond final closing of the deals.


To help you grow we provide a targeted approach to recruit the best candidates
for your business. We handle the entire recruitment process starting from the
pre-interview stage to the official onboarding of the employee. 

If you need to act fast, we can offer interim solutions to keep your business
at speed when you require it most.

Why 1IB? 

• Projects can be split in modules
• Hands-on support
• Multiple languages
• Well-established international network
• Up-to-date & transparent project management
• Result driven remuneration
• Flexible cancellation policy

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Our offering in detail:

• Targeted approach of potential candidates

• Pre-interviews with testing on exclusion criteria

• Presentation of suitable candidates in a defined format

• Support till closing of employment agreement